She stares at the horizon with her mobile device in her grasp. A beauty like no other. Her smile contagious. It was twelve noon and the sun was up and the skies were blue. She speaks thru the device, I look at her from her rear, oblivious to the admiration I have for her. I […]

Unholy Union

After the release of Battlebond, the Partner mechanic makes its return. And this time, The enemy colors have entered an Unholy Alliance. Light and Dark……… Life and Death……….. Brute force and Knowledge……. An angel falls in love with a demon……….. A committed relationship…. a forbidden love between two unlikely beings…… A sure recipe for disaster. […]

Pharaoh’s Command

After months of testing and looking for cards to fit the deck, There is a new commander that is able to hold its own in the Elder Dragon Highlander / Commander format. Under the leadership of a vizier from the plane of Amonkhet, he showed that tokens can be under the command of blue and […]


Just as the dust settled after the unrelenting sandstorm, you stand infont of an amaranthine wall and just behind it lies something remarkable… All you know is its something beautiful and its form is an enigma. With your hammer-like hands and a sledgehammer you got from a fallen behemoth, you will destroy that enduring wall. […]